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Trust mechanics

A little teaser for a game to come:

On a move, you may cry for help and choose another PC who trusts you. If they…

  • …help you, take +Trust Forward for your move, they gain +1Trust from you, and they expose themselves to the same dangers you are facing.
  • …refuse to help, mark XP and they loose -1Trust from you.
  • They may also choose to fail you (s.d.).

After you rolled for a move, you may choose to betray one PC who trusts you. Ignore the dice but treat the outcome as 12 instead. The betrayed PC suffers the consequences as if he had made your move and failed. In addition -3Trust from him.

If somebody cries for help (s.a), you may choose to fail him. If you do so, he automatically fails on his move and marks XP while you are taking +2Forward but suffer -2Trust from him.